News and Announcements

28th June 2011

Are you a professional? Duke it out on the Expert Race Arena!

Get down and dirty on the rally track and win prizes in two new Rally Race Arenas!

New character item set: "Cobra"

Go against the flow and race Spain.. in reverse!

Visit SSR Fan Club web site, hosted by Mattrum (check Main Menu)!

4th March 2011

Tournament races with over three competitive racers reward one or more top positions with no parts loss. Extremely large races give winners additional uses for their parts. The more racers, the more parts are given.

1st March 2011

Season 2011 has started in the original schedule!


2nd February 2011

Try the new rally racing mode in 4 different courses: tons of air time guaranteed!

New Pit Stop track: Balearic!

31st December 2010

Paddock area and user interface have been updated.

Prizes for year 2010 will be delivered at midnight EET.

16th December 2010

Tier visible prizes for teams are cut back considerably, Winning team in tiers 1-2 now get cap, 3-4 get jacket, 5-6 car. Non-visible and individual prizes have not changed.

New Pit Stop tracks: Turkey, Hungary and Singapore!

2nd December 2010

XMAS is here! Claim your daily free gift at West Side!

Arctic Circuit is available to all registered members!

Three new Pit Stop tracks: Japan, China and Abu Dhabi!

Pit Stop Tournaments will start next week!

14th November 2010

Best teams and players for GP season 2010 has been awarded:

  • Top 4 teams and top 19 players in each tournament get CR Dollars
  • Top 10 teams and top 26 players in each tournament get Team Funds
  • Top 50 teams in each tournament get special jackets
  • Top 1000 players in each tournament get a special jacket and a car

17th June 2010

New Magic Flame collectible items! See Premium Catalog!

New front and rear wing!

Car parts will wear even if you quit a race after the starting lights have lit!

9th June 2010

New car parts available and more will follow soon!

20th May 2010

New Funny outfit and car available!

18th May 2010

Awesome gifts with 12 month VIP!

Bonus points based on track difficulty!

New Black and Blue outfit!

14th May 2010

Turkish GP collectible items available!

Preview Catalog items in blazin 3D!

7th May 2010

New Mediterranean GP items! See Premium Catalog!

5th May 2010

More country cars available!

New Checker collectible items!

New outrageous Foam Hands!

3rd May 2010

New Cars available! See Premium Catalog!

Special Skull outfit available>

29th April 2010

12 New Levels!

Bigger CR Dollar packets available for purchase in shop

21st April 2010

No Bots in GP races

16th April 2010

Brand new CR Catalog: Browse with ease!

Spanish GP collectible items available!

GP 2010 items now available in packs! SAVE OVER 33%!

global Tournament clothes available!

26th March 2010

Australian GP is nearly over: The last chance to better your final position and win great unique prizes is on sunday!.

BROWSE GP 2010 RESULTS ON THE WEB: Click right here!

Team size expanded from 16 to 20.

Malaysian GP starts on monday (open for 7 days).

12th November 2009

Best teams of GP 2009 have been awarded with team funds: 80 M to SuperRacingTeam, 56 M to Ferrari__F1 and 40 M to TEAM_CORRADO.

Race Event results available on the web!

30th October 2009

New Race Events! Arrange a race by inviting your friends and foes to a race with you. Race events can be scheduled to start at a specific time and day.

New jackets, pants, helmets and car bodies! Total of 21 new items available!

Halloween! Get your Halloween VIP car body for free!

New hiscores! Browse a wide variety of hiscore lists to see how you and your friends are ranked!

15th October 2009

TWO new tracks: Brazil and Abu Dhabi!

New Paddock area with Race Arena: 1 hour, 1 track = 1 winner!

Race wrap-up freezing issue fixed!

10th September 2009

Get free VIP Memberships from our sponsors! Limited time offer in selected countries.

Check out the cool new team website by Milettiracing:

Problems with CR$ Shop fixed!

Singapore track available!

7th September 2009

IMPORTANT: There are fraudulent players in the game who lure players to a web site that supposedly offer free gifts. The sites are FAKE and are used to steal people's accounts. NEVER share your account details with anyone or enter them at any web site for your own safety.

1st September 2009

17 new National Flag Jackets available in the Race Gear Shop!

28th August 2009

Race every day to earn lots of CR$s. Buy VIP Features with CR$s!

National Flag Jackets available in the Race Gear Shop!

Improved Team Management: Founder of the team cannot be kicked out from the team.

New Track: Italy!

13th August 2009

Special Event! Non-VIP players get 10 free races on Spain track and 1 free race
on GP Tournament track every day!

External advertising removed from VIP players!

New improved Team Point system!

Check out the unofficial Superstar Racing Fan Club Forum

7th August 2009

Surprise! New track: Belgium!

5th August 2009

Support -website launched.
Official Superstar Racing Forum for players will be available in couple of weeks.

23rd July 2009

SMS and Phone Payments available now in Australia, Canada, Germany, UK, USA and Singapore.
Balearic GP Track opens.

10th July 2009

Hungary GP Track opens.
Rain in selected tracks.