News and Announcements

22. June 2020

Future patch notes / updates will be posted here!

15. October 2009

TWO new tracks: Brazil and Abu Dhabi!
New Paddock area with Race Arena: 1 hour, 1 track = 1 winner!
Race wrap-up freezing issue fixed!

10. September 2009

Get free VIP Memberships from our sponsors! Limited time offer in selected countries.
Check out the cool new team website by Milettiracing:
Problems with CR$ Shop fixed!
Singapore track available!

7. September 2009

IMPORTANT: There are fraudulent players in the game who lure players to a web site that supposedly offer free gifts.
The sites are FAKE and are used to steal people's accounts. NEVER share your account details with anyone or enter them at any web site for your own safety.

1. September 2009

17 new National Flag Jackets available in the Race Gear Shop!

28. August 2009

Race every day to earn lots of CR$s. Buy VIP Features with CR$s!
National Flag Jackets available in the Race Gear Shop!
Improved Team Management: Founder of the team cannot be kicked out from the team.
New Track: Italy!

13. August 2009

Special Event! Non-VIP players get 10 free races on Spain track and 1 free race on GP Tournament track every day!
External advertising removed from VIP players!
New improved Team Point system!
Check out the unofficial Superstar Racing Fan Club Forum

07. August 2009

Surprise! New track: Belgium!

05. August 2009

Support website launched.
Official Superstar Racing Forum for players will be available in couple of weeks.

23. July 2009

SMS and Phone Payments available now in Australia, Canada, Germany, UK, USA and Singapore.
Balearic GP Track opens.

10. July 2009

Hungary GP Track opens.
Rain in selected tracks.